Sommerlager 2013

533768_10202174213066728_212849534_n Auch im Sommer 2013 veranstalte frei denken uni basel ein Sommerlager! Dieses Mal lockte das Thema “Effective Altruism”  sogar internationale Gäste an. Effektive Altruisten sind Menschen, die sich dafür einsetzen, anderen Lebewesen auf möglichst effektive Weise zu helfen. Rund 30 Personen versammelten sich vom 12. bis 15. September in Riemenstalden (Schwyz), um Ideen auszutauschen, interdisziplinäre Ansätze zu fördern, spannende Gespräche zu führen und Projekte in Angriff zu nehmen.



  • The Life You Can Save by Holly Morgan: The Life You Can Save seeks to use mass marketing to change the culture of giving, so that, for people who are comfortably off, donating significantly to effective development charities becomes seen as part of a normal ethical lifestyle. It was founded by the father of the effective altruism movement, Peter Singer, and it is now run by a small team that includes Holly Morgan – a philosophy graduate originally from Giving What We Can – and Charlie Bresler – former President of one of the largest retail companies in the U.S. In this talk, Holly will present an overview of the charity and describe what she has learnt from working alongside a successful businessman for the past year. DSC_0033

  • The Charity With 100% Overhead – Effective Fundraising by Xio Kikauka: For every dollar you put into fundraising, you get an average of three dollars back and for some types you can raise 8, or even 30 dollars. This is why Effective Fundraising is a charity that has 100% overhead but could potentially be one of the most effective charities, as it raises money for The Humane League and the Against Malaria Foundation. Xio Kikauka, Co-Executive Director of Effective Fundraising, will present how the nonprofit works, its values, and its plans for the future.1231161_10202174103863998_338077270_n

  • Effective Altruism Camps 2013: US & UK by Holly Morgan, Samuel Hilton and Jonas Vollmer: This year, 60 effective altruists gathered in a Californian mansion and another 60 gathered in a Welsh castle to improve their world-saving plans together and have a lot of fun in the process. But we can do better  Come along to hear Holly Morgan, Jonas Vollmer and Sam Hilton talk about the other two effective altruism camps this year so that we all know the level of awesome that we have to beat!20130912_172739

  • Epistemology by Joey Savoie: How can we tell how to do the most good? Why do experts and very intelligent people tend to agree on some things but disagree on others? What can we test and prove and how should we weight our intuition relative to other types of evidence?DSC_0057

  • A rational framework for deciding on a career by Sam Hilton: A summary of how cognitive biases effect career decisions. An unofficial update on 80K‘s latest career research and the 80K framework for cause selection and making career decision. 535892_10202174036142305_117317798_n

  • Dealing with Uncertainties by Amina Abdulkadir: Most people base their decisions on facts, only few seriously and accurately consider the underlying probabilities. Because by doing so, uncertainties get quantified and thus revealed. But rather than avoiding probabilities, how do we deal with different kinds and levels of uncertainties in a goal-tracking way? DSC_0059

  • Population Ethics by Lukas Gloor: This presentation will give a broad overview on the relevance of population ethics and the different views people endorse.1209405_10202174058462863_1637819949_n

  • Reducing Wild Animal Suffering, Fundraising vs. Outreach, Marketing by Ruairí Donnelly.1238887_10202174090183656_1237191415_n

  •  Diffusion of innovations: Why some ideas succeed and others fail by Jonas Müller: Spreading new ideas in society is an important aspect of effective altruism. So why do some ideas spread succesfully and others fail? This talk will give an overview of the relevant research. It will also explain what these results mean for effective altruism.1240637_10202174106424062_71483686_n
  •  Volunteering for Swiss effective altruism organisations by Jonas Vollmer and Lukas Gloor: Effective Altruism Switzerland (EACH) and Foundational Research Institute (FRI) are two new Swiss organizations aimed at doing the most good. What are their projects and goals, and how could you contribute?534286_10202174099063878_319072556_n

Weitere Programmpunkte

  • Gruppenarbeit: Administratives DSC_0078 DSC_0053
  • Movienight: Rationality 554110_10202174133224732_1785078505_n 544534_10202174131824697_963093882_n
  • Wanderung zum Alplersee Sommerlager13
  • Gemeinsames Kochen (vegane Ernährung) 12081_10202174061022927_641082244_n
  • Diskussionen 559988_10202174114464263_1736108896_n 999208_10202174037862348_1992724357_n
  • Karaoke! :) 599678_10202174113344235_1619053794_n 1240208_10202174112864223_57646858_n
  • The Clicker Game, Murder Mistery and other games Sommerlager13_spiele 1231649_10202174183185981_859749306_n 994609_10202174150705169_1610184454_nSommerlager13_ankunft

Weitere Lager werden geplant – bleibt dran! :)